Sustainable Winemaking

August 2011 -  Minister‘s Award of Environmental Excellence - The Ontario Ministry of the Environment proudly recognizes Wine Council of Ontario for environmental achievement in 2011.

Sustainable Winemaking Ontario Program overview.

Around the world, fine wines are judged on how they express the character of their soil, a term known as “terroir.”

Large-scale use of synthetic chemicals, such as fertilizers, will prevent the grapes from offering their truest expression. Pesticides and herbicides can further disrupt the composition of the soil. 

Here in Ontario, our grape growers and winemakers are committed to crafting wines that express our particular terroir. A growing number are exploring innovative methods, such as gravity-fed operations, biodynamic farming and organic certification.

The Wine Council of Ontario has developed best-practice guidelines, in a program called Sustainable Winemaking Ontario, that covers aspects from viticulture and waste water management on the farm to efficient energy usage in all winery operations. This “from soil to shelf” program will help sustain Ontario’s success on the world stage. 

The Wine Council of Ontario encourages potential newcomers to the industry to review A Newcomer’s Primer. Click here to view the PDF.

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